Saturday, December 3, 2011

White Lady of Kinsale - Charles Fort near Kinsale, Ireland

On the shores of Kinsale Harbor lies the remains of the stronghold built on the ruins of Ringcurran Castle.  Known as Charles Fort or Dún Chathail to some of the locals, it was designed to protect the town of Kinsale from an attack by sea.  Although this once mighty fortress has seen much action during Ireland's history, no soldier haunts this fortification, but a lady.

The White Lady of Kinsale haunts the ruins of Charles Fort and the local streets and town of Kinsale

Sometime after the fort's construction in the mid 1600s, a soldier in the fort married a local girl who was to stay with him at the fort on their wedding night.  Her husband took temporary watch that night and as he had a long day, had trouble staying awake at his post.  He was found asleep at the post and as protocol of the day called for, he was promptly shot on the spot.  The bilwildered bride hearing of the death of her new husband, flung herself off of the embattlment walls to her death below.

Charles Fort near Kinsale, Ireland on Kinsale Harbour

It is said that to this day, even though the fortification now lay in ruins, the bewildered bride can be seen wandering the rampart walls longing for her lost love, still wearing the white dress she wore on her wedding day.  She has also been seen wandering the streets of Kinsale where she once lived, only to disappear into the night.  She is referred to as The White Lady by the locals.

Charles Fort near Kinsale, Ireland on Kinsale Harbour.  The town of Kinsale can be seen in the background on the left.

Charles Fort is located to the southeast of Kinsale on the south end of the village of Summer Cove along the harbor.  The site is today an Irish National Monument due to the part it has played in Irish history.

Charles Fort and the village of Summer Cove, Ireland


  1. Cool im here in Kinsale,Ireland right now im going on a ghost tour to see "The White Lady".

  2. I was in Kinsale in 1995.Wandering through the Fort.I became kind of lost so hurried to catch up to my hosts.I came upon the fort battlements and felt deathly cold.I didn't find out till a few years later at a Family tree place.A Lady had just come back from kinsale so I told her about my experience.Well she said that was the White Lady.She haunts the fort.I didn't see her but it was so cold Im sure she was there.I felt Quite Chuffed that I wasn't imagining things. Eve Maher.