Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wild Hunt at Charlemagne’s Stones (Großer Karlstein) - Osnabrück-Haste, Germany

In the 1st century Europe was still embroiled in border disputes among many Pagan peoples, Charlemagne, King of the Francs, was one of the first leaders of the time to embrace Christianity.  He expanded his territory and spread Christianity by waging war against neighboring bands conquering the Lombards, the Saxons, Bavaria and parts of Spain. Charlemagne used more than weapons to conquer the people of Europe, he built monasteries and encouraged teaching and learning and helped Christianity flourish.  He was ruler of all of this self-made empire, but did not think of himself as an emperor. He was made so however, in the early 800s after coming to the aid of Pope Leo III in Rome.  He became what many consider the first true Roman Emperor.  Many believe he and his armies still haunt the forests of Bavaria to this day.

Charlemagne’s Stones (Großer Karlstein) near Osnabrück-Haste, Germany are said to be haunted by King Charlemagne and his phantom army

In one of Charlemagne's conquests in Bavaria at a place now known as Großer Karlstein, he made a statement to signal the dominance of Christian rule over the Pagan people.  A monolithic stone altar or tomb was the scene of many pagan rituals and sacrifice.  When Charlemagne captured these lands, it is said that he himself smote the capstone of the altar in two to symbolize the dominance of Christian beliefs over paganism.

Entry way to Charlemagne’s Stones (Großer Karlstein) near Osnabrück-Haste, Germany

Großer Karlstein still stands to this day just outside of Osnabrück-Haste, Germany.  These black stones are sometimes referred to as Charlemagne's Stones in remembrance of his defeat of the Bavarian people.  It is also believed that Charlemagne and his army still haunt this area.  He and his horde can be heard at night rampaging through the forests of Bavaria around the stones of Großer Karlstein and are sometimes referred to as "the wild hunt".  They are heard, not ever seen you see, because legend has it that if any person encountering Charlemagne's army must avert their eyes or meet an unimaginable fate as did those who fell before the armies in that past.

Charlemagne’s Stones (Großer Karlstein)  a monolith near Osnabrück-Haste, Germany.  It is believed that King Charlemagne himself broke the capstone as the symbol of the dominance of Christianity

So if you are wandering the forests of Bavaria at night and you hear the approaching sounds of a medieval army, close your eyes or you may join them in the after world!


  1. is this the same as the legions of the dead? ive seen those and im from Germany or my mom is.and the forests the black oak forrest the one that was cut down ive experienced spiritually.i believe the dna of the dead soldiers is stroed in the trees and other humans can pick up on this information.happy hunting

  2. who smells and why stupid person that ticked me in sanosabisbo.and I don't smell now it took the spirits a year to fix it...

  3. Charlemagne has simply taken the place of Woden and Holda in the Wild Hunt. It's rather ironic that a Christian emperor would take prominence in something that originated in pre-Christian belief, something he was attempting to stamp out.

  4. I can believe that old idiot destroyed a Pagan place of worship. Those Christians were trying to wipe out our beliefs!